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Sleeping with the lights on

I’ve never met you but I know you
the dark part of you, that’s what I know
we’re sisters, you and I
all of us


I have a job! It's at a nursing home...I was really hoping to get into med/surg but hey it's a foot in the door! Still have to wait a few weeks until I can actually start work...I have to either 1) get my temp license or 2) pass boards...could go either way!


 It's all bullshit. 


 I'm overwhelmed

Have Mercy!

 There is nothing on the planet that drives me nuts more than butchered vocabulary and horribly misspelled or misused words. I cringe when I see it, it makes me want to call people out on it. It turns me into that person you hate that corrects every little thing, but come on! 

Separate thought, it occurs to me that I may need more friends here so I don't appear to be ranting to myself.

Hey, stop that!

 After years of being harassed by "Guy" I finally try to file charges against him...I find out from police he is considered "potentially dangerous" and has used force against a woman in the past. They are behind me 100% until I say that the words "You are making me uncomfortable, never contact me again or I will go to the cops." never came out of my mouth. Apparently you have to warn your stalker but they can pop up anytime. The only thing the police can do is give him a warning. Lovely.


 I've been up all night being sick, on top of everything else going on. I feel so yucky and there is absolutely no possibility of missing clinicals tomorrow. Ah well, fake it til you make it

It's my

 Birthday!!! I shall be celebrating by giving people medication and doing loads of paperwork! Yay?

Don't you

 Find it laughable when someone completely predictable describes themselves as a paradox? No...no you are not a paradox...and yes, I'm being somewhat catty because it's 2 am...I'm tired and I'm worried


 I've been thinking for a while now about all the things that don't add up...I feel so frustrated...left out...at times unimportant. I know so little about so much...and nothing gets shared with me...I shouldn't have to ask. 

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